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Why Adopting Centralised Marketing Works

Published on 21st October 2021
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Marketing is a core aspect of any business, as it drives the organisation’s ability to attract new customers. In many cases, though, various marketing efforts are handled through different departments as needed, rather than all coming from a centralised location. Centralising marketing can greatly boost a company’s efforts in this area, and here’s why:


One of the biggest benefits of centralised marketing is that it delivers a consistent message to an organisation’s customers across all channels. This improves brand recognition and allows customers to switch seamlessly between the company’s website, an email newsletter, and social media outlets without wondering if they all really do come from the same business. This helps to boost customer loyalty through better brand engagement. It also instills a greater sense of the quality and focus of the brand, rather than a variety of different marketing messages coming from different sources.

Streamlined Processes

When all of the marketing requirements come from a centralised location, there is no need for various departments to create their own logos, branded imagery, or marketing messages. All of that comes directly from t

he marketing department. This single contact point enables other departments to focus more on their core activities, rather than their limited marketing responsibilities, resulting in an organisation that is much more efficient and effective. The marketing process itself is streamlined as well, as the company’s vision and goals for its marketing messages are clearly outlined for all team members to see.

Detailed Reporting

With consistent marketing materials, it is much easier to compile data that is actually useful, rather than trying to compare apples to oranges. With this data, the marketing department can uncover what is working and what isn’t much more quickly than if the marketing materials were all too different to compare directly. This makes it much easier to spot trends and make future predictions, enabling the organisation to continue to engage in marketing efforts that are effective for the current state of the market.

Boost for Franchisors

While this advice is relevant to businesses of all types, it is particularly useful for franchise organisations. With multiple business owners come multiple ideas on the best ways to market the business. However, this multi-headed approach to marketing does not do much to create a consistent customer experience. Utilising a centralised marketing structure can help franchisors to better inform their franchisees about the best practices to grow all of their individual businesses and the franchise business as a whole.