e-Flow acts as the central archive of all your information; item specifications, usage history, warehouse locations, 24/7 inventory levels, access to a digital  asset management module and an extensive range of automated real-time management reports.

Our cyclic ordering program collects and assesses current stock holdings and past usage data to determine the most appropriate production quantity. Seasonal factors and the critical nature of the item can be factored into the analysis so that once all orders have been satisfied there is a “buffer” stock remaining in the warehouse to cover any contingency between cycles. The ability to determine an economic print run delivers savings through the print process as well as savings in distribution.


On-Demand ordering becomes a seamless operation with e-flows customised Request For Quote (RFQ) module.  Corporate paper stocks and page layouts can be hard coded in limiting the number of required drop down options, making the whole process fast and efficient.

Throughout the supply chain e-Flow records final specifications and real-time usage details; creating a history of valuable data to equip buyers of branded goods with the information they need to make logical purchasing decisions whilst ensuring sufficient stocks are always available on hand.

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