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Top 7 Promotional Product Trends For 2016

Published on 17th May 2021

When looking at what promotional products you can use to expand and market your brand, there are some items best to be avoided, and some that are hot and trending. These trendy items are the sorts of things you should consider if you’re looking to gain some attraction to your business this year.

So, what items are making people take note? Here are the top promotional merchandise products trending in 2016.


You may already own one yourself, as over the past year or two wearables have been a huge hit with people of all ages and lifestyles. Wristbands, smart bracelets, or smart watches are used commonly for tracking health and fitness goals, as well as knowing what the time is. Some are very basic, counting steps taken and showing the time. Others are quite advanced with GPS, a heart rate monitor, and even built-in workouts. If you can hand out some of these items with your name written all over them, they are sure to be a hit with everyone.

Eco friendly products

With rising concerns for the planet and global warming, eco friendly products are rising in popularity. People want to feel like they’re doing their part in helping to reduce their carbon footprint. What better way to help with people’s goals than by providing a promotional product which can do just that. Items such as re-usable bags (which can easily be branded with your company logo), notepads using recycled paper and bamboo pens can help to make your business more environmentally friendly.

Power banks

Everybody constantly use their smartphones and tablets, so it’s no wonder people are always losing juice, and fast. There has been a massive surge in popularity and sales in the last year of power banks, which truly are 2016’s biggest hit. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, always having battery power on your device has been of great importance for many people. They’re an item that can be used over and over again, making them a great promotional product. Providing power banks with your brand could be just what your customers needed.

Smartphone/Tablet Cases

With an increasing number of people using smartphones and tablets, one of the best ways to get your brand noticed is by plastering your name on everyone’s devices. This can easily be done by providing cases for their devices with your brand logo on them. Because people use them often while out and about, you can be sure your name is going to be noticed. They’re quite easy to create and design, are cost effective, and will surely get good use by clients and customers (and even staff members). Remember, there are plenty of new devices being released each year, so be sure to have various sizes available for the most popular devices.

VR equipment

2016 has been dubbed the year of virtual reality (VR) by many with the recent release of VR Headsets, and the popularity and excitement for them is growing. It’s time to get onto the VR bandwagon. Fully developed VR headsets can be quite pricey and extravagant, but there are some basic versions of headset or handheld devices that use your own smartphone to create a virtual reality atmosphere. Plenty of people are really excited about what virtual reality can bring to the table, so being able to provide this to your clients is a huge beneficial for your business.

Health devices

With many people looking to increase their fitness levels and look out for their well being, it’s no wonder many people are looking for high tech gadgets to help them with their goals. Wearables are a great option, but there are also other health products that will make people excited. Water bottles and cups that can be linked to an app to remind you to drink more water, coasters that measure your water intake, or a sports bottle with an integrated speaker, will all go down a treat for those hitting the gym, or people in the office wanting to ensure they stay hydrated. Even bluetooth scales are a great option, depending on your promotional product budgeting.

Microphone headphones

Sure, a lot of people will get microphone headphones with their next phone purchase, but do they really last? Do they stay untangled? Could people use more than one set? Not many people would turn down a spare set of microphone headphones, as they come into such great use. They can be used whilst driving, at the gym, or even while commuting to work. Because they’re so easy to get lost or tangled, if your business can provide a new pair as part of a promotion, you’ll be pleasing many people with their new gift.

Don’t forget…

It’s not a simple task to provide promotional products. There are various things to consider such as your target market, the type of product you’ll be providing, costs, and how you’ll be providing them to clients. A couple of things to remember when determining your promotional products is:

Don’t be cheap

A lot of companies in the past have used items that were very cheap and flimsy, and handed them out to the masses simply because it had their name on it. However, the products you hand out are a direct reflection of the quality of your brand. By handing out cheap pens that stop working after a day or two, not only will clients be annoyed they no longer have a pen, it will make them feel like this is the kind of standard to be expected of your services and your business in general. When choosing promotional products, don’t just choose one because it’s cost effective.

Presentation is everything

It’s not a case of just throwing promotional items to customers and clients, and leaving it at that. The way it’s presented and packaged is also a major factor to consider. Because it’s so easy for people to jump online and buy products which will be delivered straight to their door with no fuss, it’s a huge bonus if you can provide a promotional product which has been packaged and presented in a special way. Make your presentation and packaging a reflection of your business. Will it be fun? Professional? Magical? Get creative and share a piece of who your business is to your clients.