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8 Reasons Why Direct Mail Advertising Is Still Effective

Published on 1st June 2021

Many people wonder if direct mail advertising in this day and age is still relevant. With viral images and posts on social media grabbing the attention of anyone and everyone, direct mail can on a surface level seem ineffective.

However, the truth is direct mail can still work for your business, and is incredibly effective when used in conjunction with other advertising avenues such as email and social media. 

Here’s our top reasons why direct mail advertising is still relevant:

1. Personalised

You can really add a personal touch with direct mail advertising. When addressed by their name, customers will usually be pleasantly surprised to receive a letter in the mail. If you build on this personalisation with a great offer or deal to help them with their specific needs, your customers will feel even more appreciated.

2. Targeted

When you target a particular set of customers, you’re focusing your attention and budget on people who are more likely to respond to your offer. You won’t be wasting time or money on just anyone and everyone, meaning the mail you do send is more likely to succeed.

3. Allows tracking

When you send out a post on social media asking people to visit your business or check out your website, it can be a little hard to track how well these posts are doing. Of course, social media sites often provide you with analytic information such as “clicks” and “people reached”, but with direct mail you can see tracking performed before your eyes. For example, if you provide a coupon or a leaflet to bring in you can see how many people have redeemed their offers by the amount of vouchers and coupons you receive back. If you have an online store, direct recipients to a selected website/link specifically for tracking purposes.

4. It’s real

It’s physically in the palms of the hands of those you send it to. It’s not just another message on a social media site. It’s not an easily deleted email. It’s right there, in their hands, for them to view. It can be a letter, a brochure, a postcard, a set of coupons; there are endless ways for you to address your customers. Depending on your business, you may offer a promotional gift with their mail. Having something in front of them can make a huge difference against the bombardment of emails any one person may receive each day.

5. Doesn’t get lost in the inbox

Think about how many emails you get every day. How many do you actually open, and how many get sent straight to the trash can? Many people sign up to newsletters from numerous websites; after a while the sheer amount of content they receive everyday makes opening emails a chore. While email can be a great way to send information to customers, direct mail really grabs a person’s attention. A study by Epsilon showed 62% of Americans said they enjoyed checking their mailbox for new mail. How many people would say the same about checking their email inbox?

6. Increased trust

Plenty of people still mistrust the Internet and emails due to the increasing amount of scammers and hackers online. A lot of people still even avoid online banking and emails altogether because they fear for their security. So what better way to counteract this fear than by avoiding the use of online avenues altogether? Phishing scams and identity theft are a huge problem, but this is significantly reduced with direct mail. Links and attachments set off of alarm bells for people online, but with direct mail you can “attach” as many items as you want, and no-one will be afraid.

7. Get creative (and make consumers excited)

You don’t have to stick to a simple white envelope or a flyer. You have a real opportunity to create something special for your consumers. At Christmas time you will often find glittery, green and red envelopes from friends and family sending you a Christmas card. You know what’s inside, and you are excited to open them. These envelopes stand out – and so can you! Choose coloured envelopes, hand-written font on the envelope, or even include a small gift inside to give the envelope a ‘bumpy’ feel; it’s surefire way to intrigue interest.

8. Don’t forget a letter

When sending direct mail it’s important to add a letter addressing the consumer personally, and provide information on what you’re sending. Even if you’re just sending a leaflet, a flyer or a coupon, ensure to add a letter with your mail. Not only does this help to explain why you’re sending the consumer something in the first place, it’s also a more effective method than sending a flyer on it’s own. People see flyers and brochures as a sales attempt, but a letter appeals to a consumer more because it feels more personalised to them. Therefore, they’re more receptive to receiving your mail.