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Point of Sale Design Tips to Bring You More Business

Published on 12th July 2021


Consumers today have more options than ever before, so it’s important to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. You’ve gone to great lengths using marketing so that yours is the first option prospective customers will discover. However, we must not forget that a great number of sales are finalised at the point of purchase. Effective presentation here can create an impulse buy or even sway a customer who initially planned to acquire the product or services of another provider. So what does it take to design a point of sale display that will bring you more business? Here are some tips.

Be bold and unique

POS design isn’t the time to be subtle – to outdo your competition, bright and daring should be your watchwords. Bright colours, powerful fonts, and eye-popping designs will bring customers to your display where your content will now have the chance to seal the deal. However, ensure that you stay on-brand – customers must recognise your messaging and image wherever they see it.

Show the customer how your product works/can be used

Whether it’s a potato chip you pop without stopping or a power sander, show the customer how to use your product in the simplest of ways. Even in situations where it seems obvious, seeing a product in action creates desire. Further, if there are multiple uses/ways to be utilised, you will likely show the customer a use he has not considered, giving the product more value.

Use coupons for tracking and cross promotion

Including coupons at your POS for discounts will not only encourage the sale, it will also allow you to keep track of your display’s success. A savvy move is to make these coupons redeemable for other products that you offer, thus opening the customer’s eyes to your entire range. Focus on products that complement the one at the POS for best results.

Provide takeaway information

Your point-of-sale display may have caught the customer’s attention, but this does not mean she will be purchasing the product on the spot. To keep the customer in the sales funnel, provide takeaways such as flyers or leaflets. The additional information provided therein may be the final push needed that will result in a purchase. Including alternative purchase options (whether online or in-store) and related coupons are excellent motivators.

Get interactive

An excellent way to stand out from the crowd is to include interactive features in your POS. QR codes, for example, can allow customers to view media-rich information on their mobile devices that is sure to increase desire for the product. Video displaying the product in action and people enjoying it is very effective – even more so is utilising a touch screen to add proven marketing tools such as ‘emails-for-discounts’ which will allow you to make the customer aware of additional products and opportunities.