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37 Unique Celebrity Business Cards To Inspire Your Designs

Published on 25th July 2021

Looking to design a business card? Need some inspiration? Business cards help to connect us with people we meet for the first time. Their purpose is to remind us of an individual and/or a company to encourage us to engage in a business relationship.

The perfect business card balances a truthful representation of your company and yourself with a design that leaves behind something to remember you with in the prospective client’s mind.

Many famous people like Abraham Lincoln and Andy Warhol have created unconventional yet memorable business cards with thoughtful design. And look how successful they were!

Here, we’ll take a look at 37 celebrity business cards, and discuss how you can take inspiration from them and implement their ideas into your own business card design.

1. Abraham Lincoln, Attorney & 16th President of the USA

Abraham Lincoln’s card has his contact details and a message humorously implying he believed he would lose in the 1864 election campaign and go back to being a lawyer. This technique, along with different font styles and sizes, caught people’s attention and helped him build outstanding relationships.


Image viaComplex

2. Albert Einstein, Physicist

Albert Einstein’s business card has a classic and modest design, with its brilliance lying in its simplicity. His contact information is printed on a standard piece of card with the same simple font used. All the text and numeric information is capitalised allowing for great readability.


Image viaDesignBolts

3. Andy Warhol, Artist

Andy Warhol’s card illustrates his iconic scrawl in a pattern of blue and green colours. A true artist can make anything a work of art – including a personal business card.


Image viaDesignBolts

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor & former governor of California

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s card is all about business. Sporting a bold, golden seal, and black font against a pure white background it brings emphasis to three elements – his name, job title, and jurisdiction.


Image viaComplex

5. Barack Obama, Senator & 44th President of the USA

Barack Obama’s business card has the golden seal of an eagle on a white background, representing his power as the US Senator. If you constantly work in different offices like Obama, printing your addresses and other contact info on both the front and back of the card is a good idea.


Image viaDesignBolts

6. Benjamin Franklin, Printer

Benjamin Franklin used to be a printer before he became one of the founding fathers of the USA. He used his card to show off his style of typography, which you can do as well if the business you represent is a graphic designing firm.


Image viaTheChive

7. Bill Gates, President of Microsoft

Bill Gates, formerly known as William H. Gates, had a patterned business card in bright yellow and orange colours to ensure his company stood out from the rest.


Image viaComplex

8. Chuck Jones, Animator & Cartoonist for Warner Bros.

Reflecting his role as an animator and cartoonist for Warner Bros., Chuck Jones’ card is creative and unique. It features the Road Runner, one of his much-loved Looney Tunes characters.


Image viaDesignBolts

9. Coco Chanel, Fashion Designer

Coco Chanel’s card reflects classic business card style, including her company’s contact information on a plain background. With the company name in large font in the centre and other contact details in smaller font at the bottom of the card, it’s both simple and classy.


Image viaTheChive

10. Donald Trump, Chairman & President of the Trump Organisation

Donald Trump is a powerful man, and this is reflected on his card with a golden seal on a plain white background. The card also includes his signature, making it personalised and unique.


Image viaLifeBuzz

11. Don Ho, Creator of Notepad++

Don Ho’s business card looks like the interface of Notepad++ when the program is running on a computer. This is a great way to promote his software. His contact information is displayed just like it would be displayed on source code editor. This concept gives the card a quirky touch.


Image viaTheChive

12. Dwight D. Eisenhower, General of the US Army

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s card is uses a simple design. His name is printed in the middle with his job title and workplace printed at the bottom in a cursive font. By using this design, there is very little distraction and the main facts on the card are communicated clearly.


Image viaTheChive

13. Edward Ruscha, Artist

Edward Ruscha’s business card uses a simple layout with only important information printed on it. The inclusion of the pronunciation of his name makes it both memorable to potential clients and also practical. It also gives people a glimpse into his personality and how he’d prefer people to say his name correctly when they meet.


Image viaLifeBuzz

14. Evan Williams, Co-founder & CEO of Twitter

Evan Williams’ card has the iconic blue bird on the front to clearly identify the logo of the social media tool to the business. The back of the card contains his contact information. Details are printed on a grainy textured card to give it a warmer feel.


Image viaStoryPick

15. Fidel Castro, President of Cuba

Fidel Castro’s business card is simple and to the point. It has an embossed Cuban coat of arms on the top-left and his signature in large print, just above his name and job title. The attention to his signature highlights the authority and power that comes along with being the president of a country.


Image viaTheChive

16. Harry Houdini, Magician

Harry Houdini’s card is unlike any other business card. It’s triangular in shape with his contact details printed on a cardboard cut-out. Because of its unconventional shape it comes across as being very unique and memorable.



Image viaTheChive

17. Hillary Rodham Clinton, 67th US Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton’s business card also has the golden seal of an eagle on a white background, representing her power as the US Secretary of State.


Image viaLifeBuzz

18. Jerry Yang, Co-founder of Yahoo

Jerry Yang’s card is uses a rectangular portrait design rather than a landscape one. It has the original Yahoo! Logo to instantly identify him with his work. It’s bright, colourful, and in line with the public image of the company.



Image viaComplex

19. Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO of Lego

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp’s business card is a Lego figurine of himself. This is a unique and creative way to express his own details while showcasing the company’s products. Using a figurine instead of a card is innovative but marries perfectly with the type of products Lego is known for.


Image viaTheChive

20. Kevin Mitnick, Computer Hacker

As a computer hacker, Kevin Mitnick’s card is very fitting with its metallic silver colour and cut out of a lock-picking set. His contact information isn’t printed but rather hollowed out, making the card feel like a piece of software or a large microchip.


Image viaTheChive

21. Lady Gaga, Singer-songwriter, Actress & Creative Director at Polaroid

Lady Gaga used a standard employee business card template when she became the Creative Director at Polaroid. She also used her stage name instead of her birth name. It’s simple, yet fitting for the company.


Image viaLifeBuzz

22. Larry Page, Co-founder & CEO of Google


Larry Page’s 1998 card has the original logo of Google printed in large, bright, and colourful letters. Using bright colours may help your business to attract new clients, as people are much more likely to remember your card and logo.


Image viaTheChive

23. Lucas Rocha, Mozilla Firefox Mobile Engineer

Lucas Rocha’s business card has the Firefox icon on one side of the card, and his contact information on the other. The illustration of a dinosaur at the bottom gives the card a playful element.


Image viaDesignBolts

24. Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, CEO & Programmer of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s card fits his off-beat public profile with its quirky language, blue-coloured font on a plain background and a blue footer. While showing your enthusiasm is great, try not to put anything on the card that will offend your clients.


Image viaTheChive

25. Michael Dell, Founder of Dell Computers

Michael Dell’s business card for PC’s Limited, the former name of Dell Computers, has his name written on it in pen to give the card a personalised touch. Having your name hand-written out on your own card can make your clients feel more connected to you and your business.


Image viaStoryPick

26. Neil Armstrong, Astronaut

Neil Armstrong’s card is very professional and includes a bold blue logotype with a small illustration of a plane. As an American icon, having his signature signed in pen makes the card even more special and personal.


Image viaTheChive

27. Richard Nixon, 37th President of the USA

Richard Nixon’s business card is very simple in design with his contact details printed on a plain white background. What makes it special is the inclusion of his signature.


Image viaDesignBolts

28. Sigmund Freud, Neurologist

Sigmund Freud’s card has a thick black-framed border with his name and job title right in the middle.  The simplicity of the card works because, Freud was known as an expert in his field. The addition of a signature, gives it a personal touch.


Image viaLifeBuzz

29. Steve Jobs, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Apple

Steve Jobs’ business cards for Pixar, Next, and Apple all have a clean and simple design. His contact information is printed on a plain white background and the company logo or logotype doesn’t overwhelm the space.


Image viaComplex


Image viaStoryPick

30. Steve Martin, Comedian, Actor & Producer

Steve Martin’s card, which includes his signature, is living proof you met him in person.This is a terrific way to keep your company in your clients’ minds and encourage them to continue to do business with you.


Image viaTheChive

31. Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple

Steve Wozniak’s business card is created on a piece of solid etched metal. There are numbers on the right hand side which form a riddle to solve if you want access to his phone number. This simple element  of engaging a prospective client to solve something, makes the card more than a simple business communication tool.


Image viaTheChive


Image viaStoryPick

32. The Beatles, Rock Band

The Beatles’ card has a simple design with the band’s name in it’s iconic lettering in the middle, and contact information of their agency at the bottom against a rusty-coloured background.


Image viaTheChive

33. The Wright Brothers, Mechanics & Founders of the Wright Cycle Company

The Wright Brothers’ business card represented their company when they invented the Wright Flyer, their first airplane. It’s a typical and simple business card which stands out with each of the brothers names printed individually on the bottom corners.


Image viaComplex

34. Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee’s card has his contact information printed on the front, but has his email address handwritten on the back.


Image viaLifeBuzz

35. Walt Disney, Animator/Cartoonist & Founder of Walt Disney Productions

Before Walt Disney created his iconic company he was a humble cartoonist, offering his services with a business card that included an illustration of himself drawing. You can also sell your services by listing them down on your own card.


Image viaStoryPick

36. William Carlos Williams, Poet

William Carlos Williams’ card is simple and classy. It has all essential contact information thoughtfully placed to make use of the space available.


Image viaComplex

37. Will Wright, Co-founder of Maxis

Will Wright’s business card has his contact details stamped on paper money which is now defunct, like this one from Yugoslavia, featuring Nikola Tesla.


Image viaTheChive

With so many business cards to consider, hopefully you’re now inspired to get creative and design a truly memorable card for yourself or business.